Whatever Your Business

Mohasabati will efficiently manage it

Mohasabati is designed to fit all industries through numerous fully customizable programs

Free Technical Support

Get free technical support from a dedicated team to answer your queries and assist you in case you encounter any issues; through communication via phone or email around the clock, ensuring you have a perfect experience when using the accounting system.

Security and Protection

Therefore, we use fully secure servers encrypted with SSL 256-bit technology with multiple layers of protection, in addition to having servers in two different continents with additional safety measures for their sites and strong restrictions on data access permissions, in addition to regular backup operations.

Fully Customized Experience

Customize the system to suit your business needs by activating only the required applications, and customize the user interface to match your brand identity and colors, in addition to modifying invoice templates, price quotes, and other prints for a perfect experience tailored to your needs.

Easy and Multilingual Interface

Manage your business easily with many features and tools embedded in an easy-to-use interface that supports all languages ​​like Arabic with simple steps, as you do not need to have deep knowledge of enterprise resource planning systems or complex accounting methods to work on any of the system applications.

From Anywhere, Anytime

Being a cloud-based system on fully secure servers, you will always find Daftra at your fingertips to help you manage your business effectively around the clock, seven days a week, monitor and manage your work from anywhere and at any time through any available device.

Economical Price

Get a comprehensive system that includes everything you need from applications to meet all your business needs with a simple subscription without the need for additional payments for each application separately, in addition to technical support from specialists and continuous updates for free.

Our Pricing

We offer reasonable prices, high-quality service, and fast, free support to assist your business.

Currently, we have one comprehensive offer with all features at a token price, along with a free trial period.

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